quote_top_2My daughter is so excited for school she is wishing the weeks away, haha! But she did say to me the other day, “Mummy I don’t want to be a big girl and go to school I want to stay just like this”. So sweet! She will miss you and the girls that’s for sure.

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quote_top_2I appreciate you email newsletters.You guys rock!

It’s wonderful to hear about how Vincent has been spending his time there, as I only get there once a week to pick him up…he is so happy at preschool and has developed real friendships with other children and with the wonderful staff. Much gratitude for the warm environment you all bring to the centre with your caring and passion.

We are so very impressed with you all!

Thanking you.

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quote_top_2This Centre is fantastic. My daughters have attended other centres and have always cried when I left and were not super happy when I picked them up. They love the centre and teachers so much. They are happy when I drop them off and when I pick them up, they ask if they can go back “tomorrow”. The staff are lovely and are always helpful and caring toward the kids. We love it here and are so happy we’ve found this Centre.

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